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With more than 15 years of experience working with small businesses, we have developed proven sales systems to market your business. We rely exclusively on the powerful marketing methodologies developed by John Jantsch and his Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. The Duct Tape approach is effective because it was developed by small business owners themselves. Join the thousands of business owners who are trusting the Duct Tape Model.

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Our Expertise

We use our experience solving problems for some of the nations largest companies to provide sustainable growth solutions for small business. We’re a local provider because business owners want to work with someone who is local. We’re small business owners so that’s one important reason our system works. VisionPATH implements the exact same system to grow our business that we want to put in place for you. It works for us. It works for our list of satisfied clients.

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Standing Out Among the Competition

By | Marketing Strategy

In a broad, ever-growing market, it can be hard to figure out how to make your business stand out among your competitors. That’s why differentiation is key to small business success.  Differentiation is the act of setting yourself apart, and businesses can do this in a number of ways. Whether it be through their service,…

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But We’ve Always Done Things This Way…

By | Digital Marketing

In the business world, survival is based on your ability to adapt to an ever-changing market. Especially with your marketing strategy, you don’t want to always do things the same way. Traditional methods of marketing are becoming obsolete in the age of the internet, and companies unwilling to adapt will ultimately be left behind. Digital…

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How Can Your Social Channels Stay Relevant?

By | Uncategorized

Social media has revolutionized the marketing world. It’s instant, cost-effective, and it’s a way to communicate with your desired customers every single day. How you reach them is important, but it’s even more important to create lasting relevance that keeps your audience engaged with your content and excited for what’s next. Here’s what you absolutely…

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Should I Invest in Marketing During COVID-19?

By | Marketing

One of the worst mistakes you can make during the COVID-19 pandemic is to abandon your marketing efforts altogether. Businesses are already going to see slower growth during this time, and pausing your marketing may leave your customer base thinking that you’ve disappeared altogether.  Now’s the time to reexamine your marketing strategy and find new…

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Do I Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

By | Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is king,” but what does that mean for your small business? Marketing strategies that implement content creation are almost guaranteed to see better results and drive needed attention to their websites and social channels. So what is content creation, and how can you implement it into your marketing efforts?…

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Who Or What Is My Buyer Persona?

By | Marketing Strategy

Every business already has its target audience in mind. What does your ideal customer look like, where do they shop, and how do they connect to the product or service you’re selling? These questions are essential to developing your buyer persona: a profile of your ideal customer and the strategy you need to market your…

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