Let’s talk about names. Not the “sticks and stones” type, but a successful way to name a new business. You know how much your personal name means you. Similarly, the right name for your business is crucial to your success. A great name will have a huge impact on how well people find you, remember you, and even prefer you. As author Patrick Rothfuss said colorfully, “As names have power, words have power. But a word is nothing but a painting of a fire. A name is the fire itself.”

Where Do I Start?

Naming is not done casually. Naming a new business will require a lot of careful thinking before the naming process even begins:

  • What will your business stand for?
  • What core products or services will you offer?
  • What kind of personality and brand image do you want to convey?
12 Simple Rules to Successfully Name Your New Business

Use these tips as you carefully approach your name new business challenge:

  1. The first and most important objective is to create a name that will stand out; be different from competitors. It should be catchy but clear. A name that employees will be proud to use. Don’t make it so creative that no one will understand it.
  2. The name should be short and descriptive, but not so plain that it has no appeal. And, don’t misspell words or initials. It should convey meaning.
  3. Look down the road and consider if the name you select will be limiting as your business grows. Also, don’t limit yourself with a name pinned to geography.
  4. Do a thorough internet search. Are there names identical or close to yours? If so, avoid them.
  5. Get a name that you can use as your domain name, preferably with the “.com” extension.
  6. Make the name legally solid by doing a trademark search and a business search through your state’s incorporating department.
  7. Use a name that will be easy for customers, staff, and vendors to pronounce and remember.
  8. Don’t use a personal name, especially yours. That will save you lots of legal hassle.
  9. Choose a name that you like and that you will like for a long time.
  10. Get feedback on the names you consider. Ask some potential customers, investors, financial partners, and others for feedback on likability and memorability.
  11. Say the name out loud. Consider any double meanings or misuses that could be troublesome.
  12. Finally, register and protect the name you choose.
Seek Professional Marketing Assistance

When you are tackling tough marketing challenges, including the process to name a new business, contact VisionPATH Marketing. With more than 15 years of experience working with small businesses, we have developed powerful marketing strategies and the tools to help you succeed.