Strategic flexibility in business decisions allows businesses to adapt to change to achieve success. Instead of rigidly defining success using a predetermined method or sticking to certain goals, businesses subscribing to this philosophy will broaden their definition of success, so they remain more nimble. 

The ability to adapt to changing business environments can be challenging. Many businesses still subscribe to traditional methods, which focus on outperforming past successes. But there’s a lot to be said about remaining flexible with your business decisions. 

3 Reasons to Have Strategic Flexibility in Business Decisions

Strategic planning is vital to the success of any business. If you don’t know where you are, it’s impossible to know where you want to go or how to get there. But far too many business leaders create a single plan and then never glance at it again, which isn’t useful. Here are just three reasons it’s critical to have strategic flexibility in your business decisions and planning. 

1. Adapt to the Unexpected

Strategic flexibility allows your business to quickly pivot when something unexpected happens. Whether it’s an economic recession, global pandemic, cultural shift, new regulation, or Google algorithm update, your strategic plan needs to be flexible. Beyond simply surviving, there should be ways to take advantage of new opportunities. 

2. Properly Define Success

Your business might have a goal of a certain number of website visitors each month or conversions. But things can change quickly due to economic conditions, the entry of a new competitor, or something else. Strategic flexibility allows you to redefine what success will look like for your business. 

3. Encourages Innovative Thinking

Before declaring that your business is dead in the water or facing unsurmountable obstacles, strategic flexibility encourages innovative thinking and solutions. Specifically, it asks your team to analyze the issue in broad terms to identify the many possible paths to a more successful outcome. 

How Can Your Company Remain Flexible?

To remain flexible, your business must adopt a variety of values and solutions that allow it to adapt to ever changing environments. Having an enthusiastic and competent management team is essential. Another necessity is having the right partnerships in place to help your business pivot in the face of challenges and take advantage of key opportunities. 

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