Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site, surpassing other social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. And most businesses with an interest in an online presence started by creating a Facebook site. In fact, many businesses use Facebook marketing even before creating their own website.

But just having an online presence on Facebook is not enough to help your brand get the visibility and results that are possible with effective Facebook usage. So, how do smart businesses use Facebook? They know who their audience is, and they target their messges to them. Here are three ways you can do just that.

  1. Smart businesses strategize about the most effective times and dates to post on Facebook.

Research has shown that posts between 1 pm and 4 pm receive the most shares and have the best clickthrough rates. However, this is a vast overview of the best times for all types of posts. Depending on your audience, your ideal posting times may vary.

  1. Smart businesses effectively use Facebook marketing to by creating appealing visuals to accompany carefully worded posts.

Clear communication is essential regardless of the medium. But when creating social posts, it is extremely important to also create an appealing visual to catch your audience’s attention. Again, depending on your audience, you will have different needs for catching their attention. Different generations have different visual preferences. Different personality styles have different color preferences. Before you can know how to effectively reach your audience visually, you’ll need to know who they are and what their visual preferences are.

  1. Smart businesses respond quickly to questions on their Facebook page.

Think about what your audience wants when coming to your Facebook page. They want answers to questions that are important to them! Your clients and customers want to feel valued and want to feel like you are listening to them and not just shooting out information to them. So, when your clients and customers interact with you online, be sure to respond to what they have to say and to do so as quickly, accurately, and clearly as possible.

If you take only one thing away from this post, let it be that you need to know your audience and demonstrate to them that you value who they are. The most you show you value your audience, the more you will retain current clients and customers and the more you will attract new ones.

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