Periscope is a new live streaming platform that has exploded onto the social media marketing horizon in the past few months. Launching just under a year ago, this new app has enabled businesses and individuals to connect with their audiences live at the touch of a button. This platform is predicted to increase in its user base over the next year, so here’s a few ways you can begin to use it as a part of your current social media marketing strategy.

  1. Use periscope to offer live product demonstrations.

Would your clients or customers benefit from seeing how your product or service works prior to purchasing it? Many times, people are more inclined to purchase a product or service after they have seen it at work. Periscope can offer just such a demonstration to clients and customers without having to be face to face with them.

  1. Use periscope as part of your social media marketing strategy by sharing breaking news with your clients/customers in real time.

Do you have big announcements that you want your clients and customers to know about? What better way to share it with them than by talking with them live? Periscope would enable you to speak to your clients and customers and tell them directly about exciting announcements and events.

  1. Use periscope to build rapport with clients and customers.

Social media is a great way to increase personal connections with clients and customers, and periscope enables you to take this interaction one step further.  Not only can you speak to them live, but you can also enable comments and respond immediately to their questions and feedback.

There’s still much to learn about how to use periscope well. It’s a growing platform that can add much value to your social media marketing strategy.