Instagram’s success is impossible to deny, and this medium’s popularity is still on the rise. With over 400 million users, Instagram is without a doubt a social media giant. But does this mean that this channel is a valuable social media marketing tool? We argue that it absolutely is, and here’s why!

1. Instagram is a successful social media marketing tool because of its large, growing user base.

Instagram not only has a large current user base, but it is continuing to grow. While other social channels may be waning in popularity, especially among millennials, Instagram is just the opposite. And the more popular a social media marketing tool, the larger your potential audience is.

2. Instagram users are known for actively engaging in posts.

Instagram users like, comment, and tag as they scroll through their feed. When people engage with a post and a brand, their level of buy-in increases as well. And the more buy-in you have from someone, the more likely your Instagram likes and comments will turn into purchases of products and services.

3. Instagram is a simple social media platform.

There are no groups, only one type of like button, and no weird game invitations. Instagram is a specialty app focused on photos and videos. Similar to businesses that choose to specialize in one area, Instagram knows who it is as a social media platform, and this clear identity makes it easy to engage an audience. New users have a very low learning curve, making the likelihood of this app’s continued growth very high.

4. Instagram is growing in leaps and bounds as a social media marketing tool.

While Instagram was initially created to be used for personal, recreational use, it has quickly evolved into a successful social media marketing tool. And, as the developers of the app have noticed its potential as a social media marketing tool, they have worked to adapt the platform to the needs of marketers. One way they did this was by introducing paid advertisements. Another beneficial adaptation has been the ability to integrate and schedule Instagram posts into Hootsuite and other social media management platforms.

Whether you are a social media marketing novice or expert, if you’re not on Instagram yet, you’re already behind. Instagram allows you to connect with your audience in a personal way by creating captivating images. It is already a game changer and is only going to become more essential in the days to come.

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