High-performing teams can make better decisions, solve complex problems, engage well with customers, and drive conversions. They are productive and not afraid to take constructive criticisms.

How can you create a high-performing team that works together to build your business? Here are 5 habits to seek in your employees:

1. They Frequently Give and Receive Appreciation

Do you know that 69 percent of employees tend to work harder when they know their efforts are appreciated? This simple validation can drive productivity. And high-performing teams constantly do this with their peers. If you did something good for the team — however small it is — you would be recognized for it. It’s what sets them apart from less-performing teams.

2. They Always Pick Up the Phone

High-performing teams are not afraid to communicate well with their coworkers via the telephone. While less successful teams think it’s awkward to communicate on the phone, high-performing teams believe it’s an effective way to communicate. Compared to emails, you can hear the emotions or the excitement over the phone. Also, speaking on the telephone strengthens a working relationship and also prevents misunderstanding.

3. They Take Time to Bond Over Non-work Related Topics

Talking about work-related stuff can be productive and may motivate more employees. However, it’s also important to talk about the non-work-related stuff as it fosters authentic connections among your peers. Remember, you’re more likely to speak or engage with people with whom you have things in common. It’s always fun to have coworkers you can deeply connect with, which also translates to a better working relationship. So long as you don’t let it disrupt your work productivity, then it’s okay to talk about non-work-related topics from time to time.

4. They Conduct Effective Team Meetings

High-performing teams regularly meet to discuss work performance, improvements, and action plans to help the team achieve business objectives. Strategic meetings also allow the managers to check on their employees, how they’re doing and whether they need more guidance. Team meetings are productive and helpful when everyone collaborates and make contributions.

5. They Are Authentic at Work and Not Afraid to Express Themselves

High-performing teams have close personal and working relationships with their peers. They are not afraid to show positive emotions and even tease their teammates. You’ll notice that it’s natural for them — nothing is forced or awkward. At the same time, they are also not afraid to receive constructive feedback from their peers. They accept feedback and try to better themselves.

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