Twitter celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday. This social media giant now has a gross revenue of $2.22 billion and is used around the world by an extremely varied user base — from celebrities to small businesses to the average Joe. Twitter’s wide user base is one of the reasons the networking platform has remained popular over the past decade. And, while Twitter may be in turbulent times, it is still a viable marketing tool that has the potential to help accelerate your business results.

1. Twitter marketing can connect your business with meaningful partnerships.

Networking is what Twitter is all about. If you’re looking to do B2B selling or networking, look no further than Twitter. Businesses who interact with and repost other businesses’s content are most likely to build and foster mutually beneficial business relationships.

2. A single tweet has the potential to reach a large audience.

With the ability to retweet, quote tweet, favorite, and respond to messages, Twitter makes it possible for content to be viewed quickly and broadly. Not only can one tweet travel quickly, but it can also be viewed around the world — Twitter has a vast, international audience.

3. Twitter marketing can be a great customer service tool.

One of the primary ways businesses use Twitter is as a customer service platform. Users love to engage with companies, praising them for positive experiences, asking questions about the business, and, yes, making complaints as well. If your business wants to use Twitter to help with customer service, it is important to be active and to respond quickly, efficiently, and kindly to your clients (and potential clients).

4. Twitter marketing is a great way to push your own content.

Because Twitter has the ability to shrink links, post images, and share with a wide audience, this platform is a great place to post your created and curated content. Content marketing is one of the most effective means of marketing a small business. But creating content is only part of the battle. Getting your content seen by your audience is often the most difficult part. Because Twitter is easy to work with due to its sharing buttons, WordPress integration, and other social features, this platform is one of the best ways to push blogs and other created content.

5. Twitter has a built-in advertising tool.

For content that really needs to stand out, Twitter ads are an excellent option. In fact, using ads is one of the best uses of Twitter marketing. Similar to Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising allows you to target specific demographics and groups to ensure that your content is seen by your target market. To learn more about Twitter’s advertising platform, check out their site: https://business.twitter.com/solutions. In addition, there is a built-in advertising analysis section that helps you monitor the success of your campaigns so you can know what works.

Regardless of the type of small business you own or manage, Twitter can be an excellent solution to your marketing needs. If you’re already using Twitter but aren’t seeing the results you want, the social media marketing experts at VisionPATH Group can help you refine your strategy to increase views and interactions. Or, if you’d like to set up your social media marketing campaign from the beginning, we can help with that, too. We at VisionPATH are happy to help you connect with your target audience in any step of the process.

VisionPATH Business Solutions offers personalized consulting and advisory services to companies large and small. We have a long-standing reputation of providing honest, individualized advice to our clients. No matter your need, whether it is to capture new market share, to streamline processes and cut costs or to add services and grow you business, you can rely on VisionPATH to provide you with honest advice to help you achieve your goals.