As a small business owner, your website is an incredible tool for generating leads and clients. It’s a one-stop-shop for consumers to learn who you are, what you do, and why you’re the only choice to solve their specific needs.

But if you don’t have a website that is dynamic and responds well with Google algorithms, people will struggle to find your business among a sea of competitors already investing in digital marketing strategies that get them noticed.

One of the key ways to make your website dynamic is by posting regular blog posts. Here are just a few reasons why blogs are crucial to your business and your site:

1. Blog content works for internet marketing because of the soft sell.

How many times do you get up from the TV and go to the kitchen during the commercials? If you’re like most people- often. We are all a little tired of having products shoved down our throats by the latest ad campaign dying to catch our attention. The blogosphere is the place that you can get undivided attention while creating top-of-mind awareness.

You’re not trying to get something from your readers, you’re giving them a bit of information or advice they need in exchange for them noticing and interacting with your brand. There’s really no better way to create awareness in today’s internet marketing climate. The soft sell that blogs offer gives a genuineness and authority to your brand that’s hard to replicate with other forms of media.

2. You need content to rank on Google.

Search Engine Optimization services and strategies have reached a fever pitch in recent years. Business owners have been sucked in by promises of higher rankings and higher profits without expansion of content. These strategies involve maximizing backlinking and other SEO tools that google algorithms are penalizing more and more. It’s not that these strategies don’t work, it’s just that as more and more people try to climb the organic ladder someone is going to find themselves on dreaded page number two. The blog requires a greater level of commitment but long term it’s how you can separate your business from the pack and drive more meaningful traffic and conversions to your website.

3. Social media becomes the multiplier.

As you prepare your internet marketing strategy one thing to keep in mind is that your goal for social media should be to drive traffic to your website. This increases the level of interaction with your brand and puts prospects closer to your goal of contacting you for more info. Periodic non-blog posts are great for interacting with your social media contacts but the base strategy should be for followers to find their way to your site through an informative and provocative blog title, image, and/or excerpt.

4. You position yourself as an authority.

At VisionPath you’ll hear us talk about the know-like-trust triangle of conversion. Folks do business with the people that they know, like, and trust. Developing a strategy to build relationships in these three ways is vital to growing your customer base. Blogs are a perfect way to build on all three of these elements of the relationship.

As you present your knowledge about your area of expertise, your voice is coming through. Folks get to know you and your brand. If what you say makes sense or if they apply it and it works, the relationship grows. You become an authority in their eyes and they are more likely to do business with you and recommend you to a friend.

5. Relationships matter

Developing a wealth of blog content on your site and a host of readers is not something that can be created overnight. It takes a dedicated long-term strategy. Over time as the information base available on your site grows search engines, social promotions, shares, etc all create an ever-expanding web of influence to your target audience.

The blog is increasing and developing your relationships even long after the blog was written. It’s really the only form of marketing that’s like that. You sow the seed and it grows. You tend to your blog and your readers and they become brand advocates on a level not seen by any other form of advertising.

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