Why Boomerang Might Boost Engagement on Your Social Media?

In the fall of 2015, Instagram launched a new app called Boomerang. The app has quickly popularized and its posts are now seen frequently among Instagram feeds. Apps come and go, but this one seems to be sticking around and may just be what your company needs to boost engagement  on social media even higher.


What is Boomerang?

Boomerang is an app created by Instagram developers that creates short GIFs or short video clips on a loop that can then be posted to Instagram. Essentially, the app takes a burst of pictures and then puts them together in a video form that can be played either forwards or backwards for one minute.


Why would Boomerang help boost engagement on social media?

The primary reason Boomerang can help boost engagement on social media is because it allows for a more visually creative experience. A quick, moving picture is more eye-catching than a static one. Not only that, but Boomerang is extremely simple to use. To create a Boomerang, users simply click a button, and they’re then given the option to send it to Instagram. Simple as that. Of course, there are filters and options in between, but coming from the makers of Instagram, the features and usability are very similar, making the app easy to learn and use.

In addition, Boomerang is growing in popularity with millennials, and millennials are known to like and share whatever is hottest and newest. Well, look no further because Boomerang is the hottest new social media tool on the block.


When should I start using Boomerang?

There’s no time like the present. Boomerang is free, easy to install, and simple to use. Any social media manager should have no problem learning to use the software and being able to incorporate it quickly and easily into a content calendar. As with all new tools, it’s important for you to track the success you have with it. Compare the shares and likes of your Boomerang pots on Instagram with your static ones. Then, decide on how often you’d like to incorporate it. A good start is to try doing a Boomerang about once every 7-10 posts.

Using new tools like Boomerang is a great way to increase visibility and engagement. It also helps to increase followers and boost excitement about your brand.  If you are interested in incorporating Boomerang but need more direction or have additional questions, email us at info@visionpath.com to schedule a consultation today.

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