Going Deeper with Pinterest to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

In a previous post, we gave you information on how to use Pinterest as a social media marketing tool. We mentioned the importance of doing more for your customers and clients than flooding their feed with glorified advertisements. And we talked about the need for using eye-catching images as a way to achieve your marketing goals.

In this post, we will delve more deeply into how to use Pinterest to achieve your marketing goals. Pinterest has great potential, so use these tips to go further than surface level and truly use Pinterest to achieve your marketing goals.


Achieve your marketing goals faster by using paid advertising to make your posts stand out in the crowd.

Just as it is possible (and beneficial) to pay for advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, purchasing promoted pins on Pinterest can also be of great benefit for your small business, helping you to achieve your marketing goals even faster. Promoted pins look just like regular pins but allow you to reserve ideal placement on the platform, helping you to increase awareness of and engagement with your brand.

Pinterest explains how promoted pins work on their business website: “When you reserve premium inventory on Pinterest, you get access to top placements, desired audience targets, more creative ad units and the greatest reach – all when it counts the most.” They go on to explain that those who use promoted pins saw an increase in awareness of new products by 40% and a higher purchase intent of 50%.


Always include a well-worded caption to accompany images on Pinterest.

It’s true that Pinterest is all about images. In fact, it is not possible to post to Pinterest without an image. That doesn’t mean that images should be posted alone, however. Along with posting images, it is imperative to provide clear, succinct captions that help explain what you are posting and also show your audience how they can connect with you.

In addition to using your captions to explain your posts, use them to create calls to action. The call to action should include a link to your website or even to a particular product or service. A call to action is a tried and true strategy for achieving marketing goals.

Always change the caption on a repin so as to include your brand’s name and website URL. Re-caption it so that it connects with your customers and clientele and explains how it can be useful to them specifically.


If you’re interested in delving more deeply into Pinterest but aren’t sure how to begin or how to move on to the next step, we at VisionPath can help. We recognize the importance of Pinterest in your small business’s social media marketing plan and would love to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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