The time has arrived, small business owners. 2017 is the year for you to really make an impact through small business social media marketing. While many of the big brands are starting to catch on to the necessity for social media marketing, the market is not yet flooded with big brands. That will likely change in the coming years, but this year, you still have a chance to make huge strides over big businesses.

Evan Carmichael, who was featured in Forbes as one of the top 40 social marketing talents, recently posted a YouTube video explaining that social media marketing is one of the biggest drivers for entrepreneurs in 2017. And he explained how small businesses, for the time being, are still on an equal and perhaps even better playing field than big businesses.


What do small businesses have that big brands don’t when it comes to social media marketing?


  1. Small businesses have an advantage over big brands because social media marketing audiences value authenticity.

According to a study done by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the most important qualities of a brand is its authenticity. The same study reported that “for millennials, brand authenticity is second only to loyalty discounts in importance when choosing companies to support,” according to Kelvin Claveria with VisionCritical.


  1. Small businesses are more closely connected to their clients than big businesses.

There are fewer middle men in the world of small businesses, meaning that there are fewer go-betweens between business owners/operators and clients and customers. Social media users, particularly millennials, strongly prefer a personal connection with a business and love the thought of shopping local and supporting local businesses.

  1. Small businesses have a built-in sense of trust and loyalty with a large portion of the social media marketing client base.  

The Economist points out that “about half of American shoppers say they trust small companies to do the right thing, compared with just 36% who say the same of large ones, reports Mintel, a research firm.” Whereas consumers have a natural distrust towards big brands, just the opposite is true of small businesses.


The timing for small businesses in social media marketing is perfect. While big brands are still figuring out how to best enter this arena, the playing field remains even, and as Carmichael pointed out, small businesses may even have the upper hand. However, big brands are beginning to come on board quickly and many are doing a great job. So, while the iron’s still hot, make sure you get in the social media marketing game, and show your customers and clients why small businesses have so much to offer.


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