As of 2021, there are about 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, or 48 percent of the entire population. About 54 percent of these users use social media for researching products to purchase. You can leverage Facebook or Instagram and grow your business with these expert social media tips.

Define Your Goals

First, you need to know what your business goals are. Are you trying to create awareness for a product or service, or do you want to increase your conversions or skyrocket your sales? The social media strategy to implement must align with these goals.

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target market can help you create posts that would attract your audience. For example: if you’re trying to sell baby products to parents, it will help if your language is more compassionate or you talk about safety. That way, parents will be more inclined to read your posts or buy your products.

Engage/Connect With Your Followers

As much as possible, respond to comments or acknowledge them. You don’t have to respond to every comment — liking them will suffice. Also, ensure that you address user concerns promptly. Customers are likely to trust businesses that make time to engage with them or resolve issues immediately. They are also likely to buy from businesses they trust. Be consistent with engagement as that can help you generate more revenue.

Set Up a Social Media Calendar

Learn how to organize your content by using a content calendar. With a calendar, you can put up images, schedule and write posts on a single dashboard. It can help you save time and improve productivity at the same. Also, planning ensures that content is always published on schedule; remember that you need to regularly publish posts to engage your audience. You can achieve this by using a social media calendar for your business.

Add a Call to Action in Your Posts

Are you trying to sell a product to your customers? Then make sure you add a “Buy Now” call to action to encourage the customers to buy. If you’re trying to build a sales pipeline, don’t hesitate to ask for their contact info or email address. Don’t forget to include it in the call to action.

Humanize Your Brand

Do you want to really connect with your audience? Use emotions to capture their trust. You can consider introducing them to your employees or tell a story about how you came up with your brand. Your audience will love you for it.

Measure Your Success

If you’re using social media for your business, it’s essential to have metrics to know if the marketing strategy is working. A few metrics you need to consider include Volume, Engagement, Reach and Influence. For example, if you’re launching a new product and want to know if consumers are interested, find out the Volume as that’s an indicator of interest. The metrics you need to track must also align with your goals.

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