Public relations (PR) is often discussed with respect to large corporations. But, if you’re a small business owner, you need PR just as much. Successful PR generates awareness and interest in your business and helps you achieve your overall objectives. Here’s what you need to know about PR and some tips for small business public relations. 

What is PR for Small Business?

Most people think of PR as only how you deal with the media. Although this strategy can be effective, public relations is simply sharing information about your business to influence public perception and build relationships. Your business can use PR to create emotional connections with its audience and position itself as an industry leader to establish trust and credibility. 

7 Tips for Small Business Public Relations

It’s a common misconception that your business needs to be a major player or on prime-time television to take advantage of PR. There are many successful strategies you can use to generate brand awareness and improve your overall business results. Here are seven tips for small business public relations. 

1. Know Your Audience

As with any type of digital marketing, it’s critical that you understand your audience before you begin. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, this will impact the direction and substance of your PR campaigns. 

2. Form Strong Media Relationships

Put together a list of media contacts in your industry and town, including local newspapers, TV stations, podcasts, and blogs. Influencers can be excellent sources of PR, and you can even pitch ideas to some of these sources if the stories have value. 

3. Host an Event

When you host any type of event, such as a workshop or ribbon-cutting ceremony, make sure you invite the public as well as the media to publicize what you’re doing. 

4. Become a Speaker

Offer to speak at community events, clubs, or other functions your customers may be attending to help educate people, not to give a sales pitch. This presents you as an industry expert, and they will be open to learning more about your business. 

5. Give Back to the Community

People like to support and read about brands that give back to the community. Be sure you do so for the good of the community, not just for the attention for your business. But, know it’s okay for people to see what your business is doing! 

6. Write a Press Release

When something newsworthy happens at your business, learn how to craft a proper press release and send it out through various free and paid online news release sources. 

7. Use Social Media

Social media publicity is free and far-reaching. If you are doing social media marketing right, you’ll be able to get leverage from the occasional promotional post that celebrates your business’s successes. 

Get Expert Help to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Having the right public relations strategies in place is just the first step toward achieving your business goals. At VisionPath, we help clients take their business to the next level by increasing visibility, engagement, and conversions. We offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions that help your business get found and chosen by its target audience. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more.