While social media has become an integral part of most digital marketing strategies, it can be challenging to achieve success with these platforms. Each social media site has its own nuances, and many have unwritten rules. 

When it comes to social media etiquette for businesses, leaving things up to trial and error can be a dangerous option. Instead of taking chances with your brand’s reputation and wasting time, here is a list of things you should NOT do on your business social media profiles. 

1. Post Too Much Information

Choose your brand’s social media guru wisely. There’s a fine line between being transparent with the public and sharing too much information. Whether personal or business-related, some information shared could make you vulnerable to a data breach. 

2. Get Too Personal 

There’s nothing wrong with showing the human side of your business. That said, avoid sharing personal affiliations and opinions that might open yourself up to controversy unless you are willing to deal with the consequence. This includes things like political opinions. 

3. Be a Spammer

No one likes to see a single brand dominating their social media feed. It feels overwhelming and intrusive. Don’t mass-follow people in the hopes they will return the favor. And don’t post promotional content in groups where it’s not allowed. 

4. Criticize Other Brands

Everyone is facing competition. But your social media profile isn’t the place to bash your competitors. It’s a bad look and is more likely to turn customers away than attract them to your business. 

5. Neglect User’s Comments

Social media is meant to be a two-way conversation. If you are only shouting into the void, you’re doing it wrong. The point of your social media profiles should be to drive engagement. If people are asking questions or leaving feedback, it’s important that you respond quickly and appropriately. 

6. Just Post Images

Images can be great on social media, but more and more consumers want you to take things up a notch. Video is now the content of choice on Facebook and many other platforms. Instead of just sticking to one type of content, test different things like video, polls, Q&A discussions, and short text posts. 

7. Post Click-Bait

Click-bait refers to headlines leading to content that doesn’t deliver what was promised. You might get the click from your social media profile to your website, but that’s all. If you aren’t sending people to a well-written, informative piece of content, they won’t trust you in the future. 

8. Post Content Irregularly 

While you don’t want to spam your audience, you do want to be a reliable presence. Be selective about what you publish and choose a regular posting schedule. You may have to do some testing to determine what works best for your brand and its audience.

9. Post Repetitive Content

Social media users have good memories. They will notice if you start recycling content and will see it as lazy and unimaginative. Instead of posting the exact same thing repeatedly, try using a new image or rewording your message slightly. 

Need Help With Business Social Media Marketing?

It all seems a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? We get it. Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but maybe you don’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves. 

VisionPATH Marketing includes social media as a vital piece of its marketing system. We combine audience building and targeted messaging to attract your best prospects and drive business results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.