Social media advertising is a type of online marketing that helps you reach customers and prospects on social media platforms. It can include paid ads on your favorite social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. Or, it can consist of sponsored posts from influencers with large followings. But are these social media ads really effective?

Considering 4.76 billion people globally use social networks, this seems like a great way to get in front of your target audience. If you’re wondering about the effectiveness of social media ads, here are some ways this type of digital marketing can help your business. 

Greater Brand Recognition

People generally purchase from brands they recognize. The more often you can put your brand’s name, logo, and message in front of consumers, the quicker you can begin building brand recognition. When those customers decide they want or need your product, they will think of you first. 

Improved Search Engine Rankings

While social media ads won’t directly increase your search engine rankings, they can positively influence them indirectly. Through increased inbound traffic to your website and linkbuilding, Google will see that your content is getting attention and respond accordingly. 

Reach Local Customers

One of the great things about social media ads is that they can be targeted in a variety of ways to reach customers in various demographics. So, your local business can specially target only a local audience instead of wasting resources advertising to people who live well outside your area. 

Influence Customer Behavior

Targeted social media ads are effective because consumers respond to offers for services or products that truly interest them. There’s a lot of discussion about online data privacy. But, at the same time, people want personalized offers. According to a Harvard Business Review study, participants were more interested in purchasing a product when they believed the ad had been targeted to them. 

More Targeted Leads

When done well, social media ads will drive conversions. While consumers tend to click on ads less than they did in the past, they will click on an ad when it is relevant to their interests or from a recognizable brand at the right moment. 

Better Audience Insights

Finally, another benefit of social media ads is the insights you receive about your audience. Specifically, you get information about what images and language appeal to your target audience the most, as well as which pages on your website convert the best. 

Get Help Reaching Your Audience With Social Media Ads

Having a strong online presence is essential for the success of your small business. Your website and Google Business Profile are an excellent start. But much of your target audience is likely spending time on social media. 

If you aren’t sure how to get started with social media marketing, including reaching your audience with social media ads, we can help. VisionPATH Marketing believes in “strategy before tactics,” helping our clients with personalized solutions to help improve total online visibility and overall results. Contact us today for more information about our services.