If there’s one thing that every business wants, it’s more visibility. Boosted visibility is one of the primary reasons people begin using social media marketing. The more people who see or think about your business, the higher your top of mind awareness will be so that when people are in need of services or products that you offer, your place of business will be their first thought for where to go.

Why Giveaways Work in a Social Media Marketing Strategy

But boosting visibility is only the first step when thinking through how to increase your top of mind awareness. To truly get people thinking about using your products or services, you need them to engage with you — they need to take some sort of action. In the social media marketing world, this action comes primarily in the form of “likes,” “comments,” and “shares/tags.” And each type of engagement carries with it its own level of engagement. Think of likes as a Level One, comments as a Level Two, and shares/tags as a Level Three engagement. To attain the highest level and visibility through your social media marketing efforts, you want to have a good mix of levels 1-3 but really want to focus on getting Level Three engagement as much as possible.

Getting quality Level 3 engagement can be difficult, but there’s one simple way to significantly increase this level of engagement using social media marketing: giveaways. Everybody loves free stuff! Offering a giveaway on your site can boost visibility and engagement in ways you wouldn’t believe until you try. Why, you may ask? Simple. Offering a contest gives people an immediate reason to get involved with your content, and it also shows that you value their engagement with your brand.

Hosting giveaways are great ways to increase visibility and engagement. Our next post will offer three recommendations to ensure that your next giveaway is your best ever! Be sure to subscribe to our blog so as not to miss it!

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