Social media marketing is a booming field and is continuing to expand exponentially. With more and more businesses coming on board the social media marketing bandwagon, there is more of a need than ever to create engaging, authentic content that your audience will want to interact with. And one of the most attractive ways to boost engagement is by displaying your business’s authenticity.


Why is Authentic Content so Attractive?

 Because seemingly anyone can create a business nowadays, thanks to sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and others, many markets are flooded. The social media marketing market is a great example. Anyone with a smartphone and a photo editing program could create a simple site or Facebook page and begin advertising themselves as a marketing guru, knowing almost nothing about how analytics or marketing work and having little to no experience.  Smartphone repair shops, photographers, and graphic designers also often pop up out of nowhere. But as with any industry / profession, not all businesses / individuals are as reliable as they seem. Thankfully, if you use your social media marketing presence effectively, you can stand out in the crowd by showing your audience that you’re the real deal. You do this by featuring authentic content.


What Does Authentic Content Look Like?

 Posting authentic content goes beyond simply having a well-recognized brand and a clean, simple design. It involves showcasing both your business and products/services in an up close and personal way. Some examples would be genuine customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes footage, product demonstrations, and video messages from employees to clients / customers. Your social audience wants to know how your business works and why they should choose you over the next person / business. They want to know why you’re in business to begin with and why they should trust you. It’s your job to prove to them that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.


If you’re interested in increasing the authenticity of your content to truly showcase the depth of your business or products and services but aren’t sure how, VisionPATH Marketing can help. We have been working in this industry for twenty years and know what to look for and what to showcase.

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