In the business world, survival is based on your ability to adapt to an ever-changing market. Especially with your marketing strategy, you don’t want to always do things the same way. Traditional methods of marketing are becoming obsolete in the age of the internet, and companies unwilling to adapt will ultimately be left behind.

Digital marketing has become the new frontier, and there are new tools and tips for innovation coming out every single day. It’s cost-effective, easy to track your progress, and it’s where all your current and potential customers are spending their time anyway. 

But where do you start? Approaching digital marketing can seem intimidating because there are so many ways to get attention on the internet and it’s easy to waste time and resources investing in the wrong outlets. Here are the top five digital marketing methods that will bring you the lasting results you’re looking for: 

Strong social media presence 

Social media channels are where your customers are spending most of their time, so why wouldn’t you want to create a platform that allows you to speak directly to them? Social media channels give businesses the opportunity to post exciting content that engages your audience, gives updates about new products or services, and generally makes your company more personable in the eyes of the consumer. 

Social media channels often have options for businesses to track analytics and see which types of marketing efforts are working best for them. Every business that wants to keep up with the current market needs to have social media channels or risk losing the opportunity to attract new customers. 

Relevant content through blogs

Publishing consistent blogs to your website is crucial to establishing your business’s web presence. Blogs do more than just give your website new content, they help your business establish a sense of credibility with your customers. You are able to answer the questions they have and show your expertise in your field. 

Your blogs can be boosted through your social media channels, driving traffic to your website and bringing in new customers. And best of all, by consistently posting new content to your site, Google will reward you by showing your business higher up in Google search results.  

Downloadable lead magnets 

Lead magnets are often free informational content that your customers find invaluable, so much so that they will enter their email addresses to receive the downloadable file. Your lead magnet should be geared towards your ideal customer, you’ll need to discover their pain points and provide a unique solution. Once you’ve captured their emails, you have a point of contact with potential leads. 

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing has one of the highest engagement rates of any digital marketing method, making it a worthwhile option for your small business. Email marketing campaigns can nurture hesitant customers that may not be ready to make a purchase just yet, or they can be the first point of contact to new customers that you’ve found through lead magnets. Email marketing allows you to track when leads open an email and engage with it, showing you which methods are connecting with your audience and where you may need to improve. It’s an affordable, flexible point of contact that your small business has complete control over. 

A killer website 

The goal of all of the before-mentioned methods is to do one thing: drive traffic to your website to ultimately bring you more customers. So when those customers do reach your site, it better be exciting and easy to navigate. You want to make sure your website immediately tells the customer what kind of business you are and what products or services you sell and gives them the opportunity to make a purchase right away. If you keep your website simple, sleek, and engaging, you’ll win over new customers every time.    

If you’re struggling to establish a digital presence, it may be time to seek out the professionals. VisionPATH Marketing specializes in digital marketing for small businesses, keeping up with the latest tools and trends that will bring you the results you’re looking for. Don’t let your marketing overwhelm you, take control of your business and sign up for your free consultation today.