People are listening. What are you saying?

Content Marketing can position you as an AUTHORITY.

Educate, Engage and Inform

Search rankings in recent years have become all about users. When websites provide useful information to the public they are rewarded with higher rankings. This is just one reason, and a compelling one, why you need a comprehensive blog strategy at the core of your marketing system.

Know · Like · Trust · Try · Buy · Repeat · Refer

Key Elements

Information and the Soft Sell

Are you tired of people constantly trying to sell you something? People are inundated with advertising these days and it’s become a big turn off. People are so habitual about turning off to advertising that they ignore products or services that they otherwise might find useful. That’s why our core strategy uses informative blogs or other content to break down the wall and invite users into the know, like and trust relationship with your brand.

Cornerstone Content Moves Search Rankings

Creating and promoting content is important not only to engage potential customers but to signal search engines to the value you’re placing on engaging users. Google and other search engines are tracking user data so when you blog article goes viral they notice and respond by moving your website higher for key terms associated with that user interest.

Paid Content Promotion

Because of the operation of the soft sell it’s important to pay to promote your content. Our strategy includes pushing your content through multiple channels online to drive traffic and engagement to and with your brand. When more people find your content useful it drives social referrals and site rankings.

Social Proof and Authority Positioning

Content promotion serves to position your business and brand as an authority in your space. When content is shared and re-shared online social proof shows other potential customers that you are at the center of conversations about your industry. These concepts work hand in hand to improve top-of-mind awareness and the overall perception of your brand.

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