In our previous post, we discussed the importance of standing out in the crowd by creating authentic content. As we mentioned last time, almost anyone can put up a facade of professionalism these days, but when you start showcasing the depth of your business or products/services, people can see that you’re not just a cookie cutter of what everyone else is doing. You have something that makes you and your business special and worth partnering with. But people will only know this if you are truly featuring authentic content on your website, blogs, and social sites.

How Do We Begin Creating Authentic Content?

The first step is making sure you know what your strengths are and who you are as a company / professional. We’ve mentioned before the importance of identifying your unique competitive advantage (UCA). If you haven’t done that yet, you can’t move much further. If you expect people to do business with you rather than your competition, it’s imperative you have something to offer that your competition doesn’t have. Preferably you’re offering something your competition can’t, something that sets you and the services you offer apart from everyone else in your type of business. That’s your unique competitive advantage.

In determining and marketing your UCA, it is important to spell out exactly, clearly, and specifically what advantages and benefits your clients will gain. Whatever you choose to make your UCA, remember, it must be perceived as desirable to your prospects and clients. In other words, they have to consider it to be of value to them.

If you can, make your UCA something exclusive to you and your business operation. The more exclusive or proprietary you can make it, the less competition you’ll have.

Let Your Unique Competitive Advantage Drive Your Content

Once you know your UCA, focus on that and seek to highlight it through blogs, images, and videos. As CEO, you could address your audience via an Instagram story or Facebook Live post You could create authentic content through a blog that highlights the company’s vision, explaining how and why you got started. You could even have some of your employees talk about why they believe in the company. In these posts, be sure you are highlighting your unique competitive advantage repeatedly so that people know and understand the value of your business / products and services.

The ideas for authentic posts that highlight your UCA are endless, but there’s one common thread: your company must genuinely be top notch if you’re willing to share authentic content. As with anything up close and personal, posting authentic content opens you up to vulnerability. But being vulnerable can be a great thing because it allows your audience to connect with you in a personal, authentic way. Such authenticity is hard to come by, and when audiences see it, it’s often just what they are looking for.

Do you want to boost your brand engagement by building more authentic content but aren’t sure where to start? Or do you need to start at the beginning and work on determining or developing your unique competitive advantage? We at VisionPATH Business Solutions can help!

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