New forms of digital technologies are showing up every day, and shaping the way we interact with our friends, family, and even our favorite businesses. The internet has opened the doors to an entire world of ecommerce, and as new technologies show up every day, it’s important to make sure your business and its marketing plans are adaptable to them. 

Marketing your product and your business online, known as digital marketing, has become an integral part of running your small business. Let us help you break down the what, why, and how of developing a successful digital marketing plan that will make your business stand out on the web. 

What Is Digital Marketing Exactly? 

Though it may seem obvious, digital marketing is any type of promotion that occurs – you guessed it – on a digital platform. It’s not just limited to having a Facebook profile or a professional website, it can be any form of online presence. It can include mobile apps and social media profiles, but more than that, it’s about taking data from those platforms and using it to find your target audience and message directly to them. 

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important?

In the last ten years, it’s become increasingly important to have digital marketing strategies in place, because more and more people are turning to social media sites and company websites to find their information and purchase products or services. Digital platforms make you and your business more accessible to your customers, which means more eyes on your products and more money in your pocket.

It’s easy to start, easy to track your progress, and best of all, it can be easier to budget than traditional marketing strategies. Social media profiles are typically free to create, and professional-grade websites can be made at an affordable cost, well within a small business’s budget. 

How Can You Utilize Digital Marketing to Boost Your Small Business?

Do you have a strategy for reaching people on social media? What about for online ad campaigns? Today, digital marketing is multifaceted, and it can require as much attention and detail as any traditional marketing plan. You want to know who you’re trying to target, what platforms they typically use and at what times, and what types of ads they find most appealing.  

Creating search engine optimized (SEO) content, starting an email marketing campaign, or posting ads on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are just a few examples of digital marketing campaigns that have proven to be simple but effective in reaching customers online.

Where Should You Get Started?

Switching to an emphasis on digital marketing can help you expand the reach of your small business, bringing you more attention and traffic. It can, however, be a huge undertaking to your marketing plan. If your small business needs a hand getting started, VisionPath Marketing can help! Contact us today for your consultation.