Driving online traffic to your business’s website is a critical element of business success in the digital age. To be sure, at least 70 percent of consumers engage in some form of online shopping, and at least 74 percent of consumers use a search engine for consideration and purchasing decisions. This means that if your business doesn’t maintain an online presence, or if it does but you’re unable to actually drive traffic to your site, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with customers, improve brand recognition, and convert leads to sales.

At visionPATH Marketing, we specialize in developing powerful marketing strategies for businesses like yours. Let us help you develop a high-quality content marketing plan that is designed to drive targeted traffic to your business.

The Value of Content Marketing – What Can Content Do for You?

The most important element of your marketing strategy may very well be your content marketing approach – content marketing has been proven to deliver success, generating three times as many leads as outbound marketing and six times higher conversion rates, according to the Marketing Insider Group.

The content that is on your business’s website is useful in many different ways. Indeed, a website’s content can be used to generate leads, attract new customers, retain current customers, establish credibility and authority, increase brand awareness, and engage with potential customers. Of course, content can also be used to drive qualified leads and increase sales; however, this is only possible when content is intentional, high-quality, and well-planned.

Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

A successful content marketing campaign doesn’t stop at writing a blog or putting up pages on your business website; instead, an effective content marketing strategy involves numerous elements, including:

  • Target audience identification;
  • Relevant keyword integration;
  • Well-researched topics;
  • Great visuals;
  • Link-building;
  • Social media sharing;
  • Search engine optimization; and more.

For many business owners, the above terms are completely foreign, and even for those who are familiar with these elements, understanding how to integrate them effectively (or finding the time to do so) is elusive.

Partner with an Expert in the Industry

If you want to drive more leads to your business, increase your profits, and enhance business growth and success, developing a sound content marketing strategy is a must. At visionPATH Marketing, we can help. We are passionate about helping small business owners reach more customers in a meaningful way, and are ready to sit down with you to discuss your business’s content needs today. Please connect with our team by requesting a complimentary strategy session online, or calling us at your convenience.