If you’re a new business owner, you may have little experience with marketing but know that it’s necessary.  Then just when you think you have one marketing strategy figured out for your small business, trends change and you might not see nearly the return on investment (ROI) that you once did. We offer some proven tips to kickoff or revamp your marketing efforts below.

Start by Following the Trends

Maybe you consider yourself a unique individual who doesn’t allow current trends to dictate your actions. While that’s fine and even admirable in everyday life, it can have disastrous consequences in marketing. If your competitor releases a faster and less expensive product than something similar offered by your company, it won’t be long before your customers become their customers.

Knowing the mind of the consumer is much easier in the electronic age than it once was. For example, you can easily research the words and phrases that people enter into their search engine to find the products and services they need. With this information, you can start a search engine optimization (SEO) marketing campaign to point more online traffic to your company’s website. Reading industry blogs and setting up Google alerts for new stories and events happening within your industry can help you stay on top of trends as well.

Maximizing Social Media Opportunities is Cost-Effective

Establishing business accounts on the main social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is an important first step in online marketing. You can’t stop there, however. To build a strong online presence, your business must update its page frequently, keep contact and related business information current, and interact with online followers.

Frequent posting about new products or services and product updates lets your customers know that you care about meeting their needs. Even so, your social media platforms shouldn’t feel like the business is only trying to sell to people. Engaging with people who take the time to leave comments or ask questions demonstrates an interest in the individual beyond what that person can do for your company.

Participate in Local Events

This is especially important if you operate a home business because it gives customers an opportunity to meet you in person. Small business fairs and tradeshows are one place to start if you’re new to participating in community events. Maintaining a presence at charity events that don’t directly benefit your business also sends the message that your company is a good neighbor that cares about its community.

Need Additional Marketing Help?

VisionPATH Marketing, a proud member of the Charleston, South Carolina community, would love the opportunity to help you grow your business. We invite you to learn more about our marketing packages and then contact us to learn more ways we can assist you.