Facebook advertising is continuing to skyrocket, and businesses around the globe are benefiting. Some, though, invest in ads but keep returning lackluster results. If you fall into this category, you’re in the right place. There is hope! We want to help you learn how to tweak your marketing strategy and improve your Facebook ad performance.

We started this discussion in our previous post. So, it’s best to read that one first so you can tweak the most common problems in a Facebook marketing strategy. Once you have made the initial changes, here are four more that can help to ensure your ads are performing at the top of their game.

1) Narrow Your Target Audience.

Okay, so you may be reading this and thinking, “This is exactly what I did when I adjusted my target audience like you recommended in the previous blog post.” But what you don’t know is that there is actually an additional tool you can use to narrow your audience even more. That tool is the Detailed Targeting Tool. Using this tool, you can choose people who overlap in multiple categories. For example, you could target current customers who also show an interest in cooking. Or you could target people living in a certain zip code who are interested in antique cars. Basically, you’re able to add an additional layer to your target so that you can zoom in even further and hit the bullseye exactly where you want to land: on customers and clients who want to do business with you.

2) Retarget Facebook Ads to People Who Have Already Interacted with Previous Ads.

The smaller your target, the less money you spend, and the more likely it is that your ad is being seen by potential buyers (as long as you’ve targeted correctly). But, as you know, sowing broadly can help to attract people who you may not have known were interested in the first place. So, we recommend that you use your first targeting segment to garner initial interest and to give a soft sell of your company/business. Then, once you have found some people interacting with that ad, you can target even further and show specific products/services to people who have already interacted with the first ad, thereby boosting the likelihood of a higher performance.

3) Aim for Higher Relevance Scores on Your Facebook Ads

Facebook rewards high ad performance. The more interaction your ad has and the more conversions (websites visits, button clicks, etc.) that your Facebook ad receives, the lower your cost per click will be. That’s right; the better your ad succeeds and converts, the lower cost you will pay! That’s a win if we’ve ever seen one.

To have a more relevant ad, it is best to always include a call to action written out clearly in the copy of the ad and include a call to action button (send messages, call now, visit website, etc.). This naturally boosts what Facebook considers a conversion and also increases the likelihood of you interacting with customers. In addition, it is best to send out ads less frequently. Facebook’s algorithms prefer you to send out higher quality, better targeted ads on a less frequent basis.

4) Align Your Facebook Ads with Your Landing Page.

A final step we recommend you to take is to be sure that your branding is consistent in your ad and landing page. According to the Social Media Examiner, “A well-designed landing page should include social proof, counter any objections, use clear and concise headlines that make it easier to skim, and include friendly body copy free from errors.”

If your landing page is friendly and user friendly, it is more likely that your audience will stay there long enough to read more about your product / service, which, in turn, increases their likelihood to make a purchase.


As we mentioned earlier, Facebook advertising is continuing to take off like never before. We hope that these tips will help your business to take off, as well. Let us know which ones you implemented and how they worked for you. We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Need help figuring out the best way to implement these tweaks? We at VisionPATH Marketing are happy to help. Send us a message today. As always, consultations are free!