YouTube is a network few people live without. One thing that makes YouTube stand out from other social sites is that it does not require an account in order to view videos. So, there is a much lower level of commitment involved with YouTube than with other networks.


Scott Imbie, the owner of Original Skateboards, calls YouTube the biggest social media site and says it is better for marketing than social media giant Facebook. Imbie’s company has been participating in YouTube marketing since 2005 and has seen great results. While Imbie and many others have taken advantage of the great success that YouTube marketing can bring, many have left this social media giant alone.


While your small business may not need to or have the funds to create hundreds of epic videos and post them on YouTube, you should certainly consider using YouTube as part of your social media marketing strategy.


Setting Up a YouTube Marketing Channel

Setting up a YouTube channel is a bit more involved than some other social media sites, but it is still simple to do.

To have the option off setting up a YouTube channel, you will need to have already created a YouTube account. You may use your Google account to do this.


YouTube Terminology

Once you’re on YouTube and have your channel set up, it’s important to know some of the terminology. Below are some of the common terms you’ll see in discussions of YouTube and YouTube marketing.

Avatar – An avatar is the picture that is used to represent your business as a thumbnail next to comments and posts on YouTube. It is YouTube’s version of a profile picture.

Channel – In order to post videos to YouTube, you will need a channel. A channel is not needed to view videos. Think of your channel as the place where you make your public YouTube presence known. You can create multiple channels under your YouTube account.

Comment – A comment is a post that is listed below a YouTube video. You may comment on your videos or the videos of others.

Tags – Tags on YouTube mean something different from tag on most other social media sites. A tag is what you use when categorizing your video that you post to your channel. A tag helps to show what type of video you are posting and also helps to show others the type of content they can expect in the video.

Video – A video is any post on YouTube and is the way you make public statements on the site. You cannot post a line of text or a picture by itself on YouTube. All posts must be in video format.

Viral – If a video goes viral, that means that it has reached a high number of likes over a short period of time and is very popular.


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