Social media has revolutionized the marketing world. It’s instant, cost-effective, and it’s a way to communicate with your desired customers every single day. How you reach them is important, but it’s even more important to create lasting relevance that keeps your audience engaged with your content and excited for what’s next. Here’s what you absolutely need to know to keep your social media channels fresh and relevant: 

Your Social Channels

Staying relevant can be a challenge for any business because each platform requires different ways of thinking to keep your audiences engaged. Facebook can be a great informative outlet where you can post updates about your company and use content to drive traffic to your site, while Snapchat is good for quick, catchy content that showcases the personality of your business and employees. 

Both are equally important, but do very different things for your business. A crucial part of staying relevant is understanding these differences and creating a wide variety of content geared to the strengths of each platform. 

Your Audience

Knowing your audience will help you continuously create relevant posts for your social channels. Not only does it help you determine your content, but it helps determine the time of day you post, the channels you send your messages through, and even the type of media you use to capture attention. Businesses with a strong idea of their clients, and perhaps even more importantly their desired clients, should have no problem in this area. 

Your Message

One of the keys to staying relevant is being consistent. Consistency can mean so many different things through social media, and will be totally dependent on your determined audience. If you’re a landscaping business, it makes sense to post about lawn maintenance. Accounting firms should post about how to take control of your finances. Content shows your audience that you’re an expert in your field, building trust with your client base.  

Your Data

From the time of day you post to the pictures you use to the status you write, every detail of your social post matters. Luckily, most of the big social channels offer analytics for businesses to track their progress with their posts. Taking advantage of this data can show you which messages work best, what times your audiences are engaging, and what media connects with them. 

Your Resources

Strong marketing can be a challenge for any business, and adding social media to the mix may be more than you’re comfortable with. Businesses that want to get serious about their marketing efforts should consider hiring a marketing firm tailored to their needs. VisionPath Marketing specializes in small business marketing, using a proven methodology to pinpoint your audience and create high-quality content that gets them through the door. Visit our site today to set up a free consultation.