An essential aspect of business success is how it communicates with its clients. When done well, it can bring many business benefits and additional clients. When done poorly or ignored, it can severely harm your business. Here is what you need to know about client communication and why you should make it one of your priorities. 

What is Client Communication?

Client communication is any way your company interacts with its customers and partners. Beyond simply providing services, the purpose is to keep clients informed about all aspects of your business and transactions. Communication can be verbal or in writing. But most client communication today is digital, in the form of website content, personalized email messages, and social media interactions. 

The Importance of Effective Client Communication

According to HubSpot’s 2018 “Consumer Customer Support Survey,” 82% of customers expect an immediate response from your business. When you fulfill your customer’s wants and needs, they will be more likely to remain customers long-term. Here’s why having strong client communication strategies is vital. 

1. It can damage your business if you’re bad at it.

If your business does a bad job of communicating with customers, the results can be disastrous. You might get constant complaints, poor online reviews, canceled or lost orders, and unhappy employees. 

2. Your clients expect it. 

Today’s clients want transparency. They will feel more appreciated and valued when you offer information upfront and give them updates without them having to ask for them. If there is a support concern, this should be handled quickly and professionally. 

3. Your clients are busy. 

Your clients are probably busy and don’t have all day to chase your company for information. They’ll appreciate it if they can get quick and easy answers to their questions on your website or via social media. 

4. You can manage expectations. 

An important aspect of client communication is managing expectations. Your clients need to understand exactly what products or services you offer. There will be fewer surprises and less disappointment if they are informed about what you are going to do and when you will do it. 

5. Communication instills brand loyalty. 

Frequent communication creates a stronger bond between you and your clients. This allows you to provide better service as well as stay in touch to keep them informed or advise them of special offers. This level of communication instills brand loyalty and higher customer retention levels. 

6. You improve customer satisfaction. 

When you’re more transparent and stay in touch with your customers, your customer satisfaction ratings will soar. Clients will feel confident that you value them and won’t hesitate to recommend your brand to others. This will get you more business and improve your overall results. 

Let VisionPath Marketing Help

As you can see, your business’s communication strategy is a vital part of its success. Find out how VisionPATH Marketing can help through your messaging and digital presence. Our team of digital marketing specialists understand your messaging is what makes you unique and will help your business communicate its brand and values to prospective and existing clients. Contact us today to learn more about how our results-based digital marketing services can help your business achieve its goals.