Blogs these days seem to be a dime a dozen. Some end up with millions of views while others are lucky to have a handful. So what makes one blog a success and another a dud? There are often many factors, but a primary one is that of the blog’s title.

To increase the likelihood of your blog being read, follow these three tips for creating the perfect blog title.


Convey the blog’s content clearly using the title.

Nobody likes a bait and switch. This is just as true for a blog title as it is for anything else. So, don’t post a blog title that is too good to be true only to disappoint your readers when they actually click on your article. Also, you should be writing for your target audience. This means that you should be writing blogs containing content that your followers actually want to read. So, it is important to accurately convey your content in order for more of your readers to click on and read the blog itself.


Keep your blog title short, sweet, and simple.

Remember, you’re posting your blog to social media. As such, it needs to be easily tweetable and should also leave enough space for some hashtags. So, we recommend that blog titles be 120 characters or fewer. Anything longer than that makes it difficult to tweet and also use hashtags.

But short should not equal boring or dull. Make it sweet and simple – it should have a good ring to it and should catch a reader’s attention as they scroll through their feed. Some great ideas are to use numbers; for example, you could use one of these titles: “Five Tried and True Methods for a More Peaceful Home” or “Eight Reasons You Should Buy a New Home Right Now.” These titles explain what the blog is about and show that there will be practical, helpful tips inside, not merely abstract thoughts. When people are looking for a blog to read, they are usually looking for something short, sweet, and simple to digest.


Use keywords in the blog title so it is easier to find.

Even if your blog title is catchy and clear, it may go unnoticed if it isn’t showing up in peoples’ feeds or searches. To increase the likelihood of people seeing your blog, use relevant key words in the title and several times throughout the post. One way to find these keywords is to use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool. After you use that tool to narrow down your keyword options, choose the one that is closely related to your content but that also has a large enough number of users who may be looking for content like yours.

You’ve likely heard the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to blog titles. Blog titles are the headline and first impression that an audience sees. With a plethora of headlines running through peoples’ feeds everyday, only those that truly stand out are going to get views. To ensure that yours doesn’t sit in peoples’ news feeds unseen, follow the guidelines listed above.


If you aren’t sure how to go about writing your blogs or choosing your title, contact our content marketing experts at VisionPATH Marketing Group. We would love to help you maximize your marketing efforts. Consultations are always free, so contact us today.