Businesses are constantly searching for new customers to keep their revenue flowing, but small business owners shouldn’t overlook the potential to make more money with the clientele they already have. They’ve gotten to know your business and purchased your product or service, but there are even more benefits from developing a follow-up strategy after you’ve made the sale. 

At minimum, a good follow-up strategy can get a customer to purchase your product or service again. When done well, a follow-up can go beyond that to encourage them to leave reviews and refer you to their friends and peers, building your brand and sending new customers your way.

And the best part? A good follow-up strategy is often inexpensive and easy to implement. Here are five simple ways to effectively follow up with your customer base:

  1. Show your appreciation  

After they’ve completed their purchase, do something to show them you appreciate their business. Send a thank you note or a small gift as a token of appreciation. Small businesses have the advantage here, as bigger corporations often overlook the importance of small touches like this. Showing you appreciate their business will go a long way in developing a relationship with your customers.  

  1. Check in on their purchase

Whether it be a few days or a week later, develop a system for checking in with your customers after they buy. Are they satisfied with their purchase, or do they have any questions about the product or service? Reaching out will help your customers see you as trustworthy and reliable, encouraging them to return to your business again. 

  1. Keep the conversation going 

It’s crucial to find a way to stay in touch with your client base. Recommend products that you think may make their lives easier, or show your expertise by sharing articles and blogs that help them solve an issue they commonly face. The key component here is staying top of mind, so when they’re ready to make a purchase again you’re the first person they think of. 

  1. Incentivize them to review

A customer may be willing to leave a review if you ask them directly, but why not encourage them to do so through an incentive? Give them a discount on their next purchase, or a trial run to a service or product you’re about to debut. Not only will you get a second sale from them, but their review will encourage others to buy from your business as well.

  1. Create a referral system

Referrals are a gold mine to small business owners, because they’ve already developed a sense of trust with your business and it requires little money and time for you to close the sale. That’s why it can pay off big time to offer something to your customers for referrals. Similarly to your review system, incentivise your customers to send referrals your way. If you offer consistent services, offer a small discount or rebate for every referral they bring you. If done well, this could lead to consistent new customers for your business.

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