Snapchat stories are highly popular among millennials and the younger generation. The use of clever filters make this app fun and witty, increasing its popularity. A few months ago, however, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories that are booming. Some people are questioning whether Insta Stories will take over Snapchat Stories. In this article, we’ll examine both platforms in an effort to determine which platform’s story feature is worth investing in for your small business.


According to a January 2017 report from TechCrunch, “Instagram Stories now has as many users as the last number announced by Snapchat.” That means that Instagram Stories now has more than 150 million daily users. Moreover, Instagram as a whole has more than 600 million viewers, more than triple the number of users on Snapchat.


Regarding the user of Stories for small business marketing, it seems that Instagram is certainly the better option of the two. Snapchat and Instagram Stories have an equal number of viewers, but Instagram’s growth rate has significantly exceeded Snapchat’s, and Instagram itself has a larger number of users. In addition, Instagram is owned by social media giant Facebook, thereby providing the company with more capital and access to social media metrics research.


Furthermore, Instagram significantly outshines Snapchat in terms of the ability to track the results of posts and advertisements. In a recent Hubspot blog, Sophia Bernazzani claims that “many brands will make the shift from Snapchat to Instagram for Stories” in 2017. She cites the tracking metrics as a primary reason for the switch: “Despite its rapid growth and sheer volume of content being shared, Snapchat offers fewer means of measurement and analysis for social media marketers, so Instagram may offer greater ROI in 2017.”


Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories both certainly have much to offer for the time being. Whether Instagram will take over this market remains to be seen for certain, but all signs point to Instagram Stories being the best option for Stories in 2017.


What are your thoughts? Have you used Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories to boost your social media presence? If you have, we would love to hear your experience! If you want to try your hand at one of these social media tactics, we are happy to help you get started.


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