Facebook remains the world’s most popular social network. That’s not in dispute. Nearly 2 billion people use the network each day. So, it’s not surprising that businesses want to leverage it to find new customers and connect with the ones they already have. It makes sense. But does it still work? It does when the Facebook marketing strategy is approached correctly. 

Who Uses Facebook?

Americans are the second-largest audience for Facebook. In 2022, roughly 43 percent of Facebook’s global audience is female, and 57 percent is male. The median age of the social media giant’s audience is 31. But there are users on the platform from every age group. Finally, most of Facebook’s audience accesses the site via mobile devices, but this is skewed more heavily toward younger audiences. 

Why Your Business Still Needs to Focus on Facebook Marketing

While your social media strategy will depend on your audience and industry, Facebook will always be an excellent place to start for most small businesses. 

1. Build Brand Awareness and Trust

Whether you own a restaurant or a real estate company, you must get the word out about your business to achieve your goals. Since most of your audience is likely on social media, it makes sense to meet them there. You can create a Facebook business page and start actively posting content to build trust and brand awareness. When potential customers go to look for your name on social media, you’ll be easy to find!

2. Boost SEO and Engagement

Unfortunately, your business page alone isn’t likely to stimulate new business. You need a comprehensive strategy. Specifically, you can post helpful content on your page that sparks engagement from your audience. Google notices the type of content that gets clicks, likes, and shares on social media sites, and this can lead to better search engine rankings. 

3. Target Your Audience With Facebook Ads

If you view Facebook as a “pay-to-play” platform, it certainly can be. Facebook promises that users will see content that is most relevant to them. So only a small percentage of your current followers might see what you post. One remedy for this is to create a Facebook ad strategy that targets your specific audience according to their interests, location, age, gender, and other information. 

4. Connect With Your Facebook Followers

Facebook is an excellent platform to help you stay connected with your followers. You can share helpful information en masse or connect one on one with customers who need your assistance. With some time and effort, your Facebook page can turn into an active community that will continue to generate profit for your business. 

5. Collect Useful Analytics

Once you begin marketing your small business on Facebook, you’ll get access to some useful metrics. Facebook will tell you who is interested in your content and what type of content is performing the best. You can use this information to improve your efforts. 

Get Help Reaching Your Audience on Facebook

Having a strong online presence is vital for the success of your small business. And it goes beyond a website and Google Business profile. You still social proof (a way for people to verify you’re a legitimate brand), and Facebook can drive significant traffic to your website. 

If you aren’t sure how to get started with social media marketing or stay up to date with the frequent changes, we can help. VisionPATH Marketing believes in pursuing strategy-driven marketing that gets you found, remembered, and chosen. We can help you with Facebook marketing and other digital marketing strategies. Contact us today to learn more about our services.