Anyone who has used Pinterest knows that hours upon hours could be spent on the site. However, when using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool, it isn’t necessary to spend hours on the site. Rather, follow these tips to get the best results for your small business.


When using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool, do more than merely post about your products and services.

Remember that Pinterest is a place for exploring new things and expressing creativity, so connecting to people on a level beyond advertising is important. Repin other peoples’ content, and post content that you think your target audience would appreciate. As with any relationship, fellow pinners want to feel valued and appreciated by those with whom they are connected. Be sure to like and comment on the pins of others as well as respond to comments on your company’s pins. If your pinners see that the only reason you’re using Pinterest is as a social media marketing tool, they may be turned off and choose not to follow you. Be sure you’re giving them more than just glorified advertisements.


Use eye-catching visual images to grab the attention of pinners.

We already told you that there are millions of users on Pinterest. Not only this, but many businesses have already started using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool, and more businesses are joining them every day. To make sure that your posts stand out, be sure that your images are visually appealing.

An appealing image is a visual that people will want to share. Often, vertical images work best on Pinterest. This is because Pinterest organizes images using columns, so wide images get cut off and are not as effective.  Another type of image that has proven successful is the infographic. Having a graphic designer create some infographics for you to use on the site would be a great way to increase the visibility and appearance of your boards.

If you’re interested in using Pinterest as a social media marketing tool but aren’t sure how to begin or how to move on to the next step, we at VisionPath can help. We recognize the importance of Pinterest in your small business’s social media marketing plan and would love to help you achieve your goals.


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