When it comes to marketing, metrics matter. These important data serve as a guidepost to let you know how well your strategies are working. But which marketing metrics matter most?

With so many different metrics and analytics available today, how can you determine which ones you should be focusing on? The answer to this question can be nuanced, and dependant on what exactly your marketing goals are. However, there are some metrics that it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on.

This guide will take you through what these are. Read on to learn everything you need to know about tracking and analyzing metrics for the best possible results.

The Marketing Metrics That Matter Most

At any given time, there are a few different things you as a business owner will be trying to do. Boosting your brand’s profile, building a loyal customer base, and increasing sales are usually squarely at the top of this list.

You’ll also likely have other goals at different times, But these are the usual suspects that will always be on the table. As such, this article will focus on the metrics that can help boost engagement, increase sales, and connect you to your target demographic.

Conversion Rates

A company’s conversion rate is often regarded as the be-all and end-all when it comes to marketing metrics. After all, it’s the conversion rate that tells you how successful any given piece of content or strategy is.

A conversion rate denotes the percentage of people that completed a given desired action. This could be subscribing to your blog, making a purchase, or leaving their contact details on a form on your website. No matter what your marketing goals are, there will be a conversion rate you can measure to make sure you’re achieving them.

Engagement Rates

One of the best ways to see how large (and active) your audience on social media is, is to take a look at your engagement rates. The better they are, the more engaged and loyal audience you’re likely to have. This is good news, as an actively engaged audience may be more likely to make purchases from our company—and recommend you to a friend.

There are several different ways that engagement rates can be measured. Engagement rate by reach, for example, looks at the percentage of people who interacted with your content after seeing it. You can also look at the number of impressions a particular piece of content had, or even the number of shares or views something got.

Site Traffic

Tracking metrics pertaining to site traffic is important for many reasons. This process can tell you a number of different things.

First, these metrics speak to the quality of your site, is it good, or is there room for improvement? It also can tell you a lot about the type of person who visits your site. Finally, looking at site traffic over an extended period can tell you which campaigns and strategies have been effective, and which haven’t.

Make Your Marketing Strategy Work for You

If the thoughts of analyzing marketing metrics send you into a tailspin, don’t worry, we can help. At Vision Path marketing we offer affordable expert advice tailored to your business and its goals. Give us a call today to see how we can help your business reach dizzying new heights.