More people are using phones and tablets than ever before, especially when it comes to email and social media. There is a much higher likelihood that your audience will be reading your emails from their mobile device than from a computer.

However, many companies are still gearing their email marketing and social media marketing campaigns towards computer or tablet screens rather than towards mobile devices. Focusing more on mobile users, however, can significantly increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. To do so, we recommend that you focus on the following Dos and Don’ts.


DO focus on what your audience will see first when drafting your email marketing campaigns.

When a user receives an email on their mobile device, they will most likely only see the sender’s name, subject line, and first (maybe second) line of text. This means that your subject line and first few lines of text need to be extremely clear and catchy. You want to hook your reader before they delete the email; otherwise, your email marketing is for naught.


DON’T assume your reader will scroll down.

Think about how you use your mobile device. You’ve received an email and decided you’ll actually click to open it. How likely are you to actually scroll down and read more than what is currently in front of you? If you’re like most people, not very likely. That is why the information that fits into the small screen available is of the utmost importance. When drafting email messages, test them to see just how much of what you’re saying fits into a mobile screen. If you are required to scroll down before seeing what is really important, you should rewrite the message accordingly.


DO make sure your links are accessible to mobile technology.

We all know the importance of testing links prior to sending them. However, you can’t just test it on your desktop or laptop computer. Rather, be sure that the links you are sending are easy to open on mobile technology. Sometimes, links are difficult to read, or worse, unable to be opened on mobile devices. If a user clicks on a link you’ve sent and it is difficult to read or doesn’t open, you’ve likely lost them. Convenience is key. So, be sure those links work smoothly before sending them.


DON’T try to squeeze too much into too little space.

This is a mistake many people make when drafting email marketing campaigns geared towards mobile technology. You realize you have a much smaller screen size to work with and want to make sure you fit everything in that your followers need to know. So, you decrease the font and use every bit of white space possible. Unfortunately, this significantly decreases the readability of your post, making it unlikely that your email will get much more than a glance. In addition, if you’ve included a link, it makes it much more difficult to click on. Again, frustrations like these can make all the time that you have put into developing email marketing campaigns for mobile technology meaningless.

Gearing your email marketing campaigns toward mobile technology and increasing their effectiveness is of upmost importance. If you are interested in optimizing your current email marketing strategy or want to develop a new one, contact the marketing professionals at VisionPATH Marketing. We would love to help, and consultations are always free.