We all know that social media is a great tool for increasing awareness about your business. And, if your social media marketing plan is doing its job, you are receiving increased traffic to your website or messaging platform. However, this increased traffic is not the end goal, is it? No. Conversions to sales of products and services are what you’re really after. So, how can you optimize your social media marketing plan so that you increase conversions?


Target More Specific Audiences with Your Social Media Posts

You already know the importance of writing to your target audience. But, you can actually make smaller targets within your target in order to engage with your audience most effectively. We will call this your targeted audience.

Your social media posts should vary enough so as to appeal to customers and clients who are ready to move forward with a purchase and to those who are still in the research phase. In addition, there should also be posts that are written to attract those who have yet to become interested enough to peruse any further.


Adjust Your Landing Page According to Your Targeted Audience

One major aspect to focus on when writing social media posts is your landing page, or better yet, landing pages. The landing page is the web page on which your social media followers “land” when clicking on one of the links you have posted.

Many companies always choose their website’s home page as their landing page. This, however, can be a mistake. Why, you may ask? It’s simple, really. Not everyone comes to your company’s website with the same amount of information.

For example, as mentioned earlier, some come to your website already having researched your company’s services and products and are ready to make a purchase immediately. Others, however, are just beginning the research phase and need to spend more time getting to know more about the company as a whole and the types of products and services available.

Others, still, aren’t even ready to click on your links yet because they still are not convinced that your business may have something that is worth their time.

Social media posts that are geared towards clients ready to make a purchase should direct them immediately to the page where they can place an order or set up a consultation for services. On the other hand, posts that are geared towards people who are still learning more about your company should send them to a page that will give them more background information. And, those who are learning about you for the very first time and who will need a more general overview first should be taken to your website’s homepage.


Ensure Consistency between Social Media Posts and Landing Pages

Remember, many of the people who will be clicking on your social media posts will know little to nothing about your company, products, and / or services. And, unfortunately, the web runs amuck with clickbait these days. Therefore, it is imperative that your branding be consistent between your social media posts and your website. This will assure your followers that they have, indeed, clicked on your site. In addition, it will help to assure them that your site is a real, reputable one.

Not only does your branding need to be consistent, however. The information you’re sharing must be consistent, as well. For example, if you are offering a promotion, be sure that the same pricing is listed on the website as is listed on social media. If you are offering services on certain dates, ensure that your calendars are consistent between platforms. Whenever you update information on one platform, it is essential that you immediately do so on your other platforms, as well, to prevent confusion and frustration. It is all too easy to click the “x” at the top of the browser and move on to a site or post that is simpler and less confusing.

Converting social media traffic into sales and genuine customers can be a difficult task, but it is imperative. After all, that is the primary purpose of your marketing campaigns. If you are interested in further developing your current strategy, or creating a new one to increase conversions, contact the marketing professionals at VisionPATH Marketing. We would love to help, and consultations are always free.