Social media is a powerful digital marketing strategy for businesses. Done right, it can help you boost brand awareness, increase website traffic, and generate valuable leads. But there is an equal danger that personal social media can damage your business’s reputation and results. 

While there are plenty of strategies for managing your organization’s social media pages effectively, it doesn’t stop there. As a small business owner, it’s important to understand how your personal social media profiles can impact your business. 

You Can Easily be Connected With Your Business

People can easily connect your name with your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other sites. Of course, you’re a human being and allowed to have a personal life. But, when you’re in business, the best approach is to use a bit of restraint with what you post on social media. 

If you’re tempted to post political memes or photos of your wild night on the town, it could negatively impact your business. If you choose to make these types of posts, you can set your social media profile to private and be cautious about accepting new friend requests. You may also want to have a separate profile for professional purposes. 

What You Post on Social Media is Permanent

Nothing ever disappears on the internet. Even if you think you deleted an embarrassing social media post, there are apps and websites that can resurrect deleted and hidden posts. And there’s nothing saying that someone didn’t take a screenshot of your faux pas before you came to your senses and deleted it. Before you post something, think about the possibility of that item getting shared or viewed by your employees or clients. 

Attacking Your Competitors is Bad Form

Some businesses have found it necessary to attack their competitors online. This is never a good idea and will only make you look bad. Even if you try to “disguise” your activity on social media profiles, these tactics are pretty transparent. 

Your current and potential customers are likely to find out through various social media posts. It’s always best to take the high road and aim to be the business of choice in your market. 

Being Too Self-Promotional Can Be Off-Putting

Your personal social media profile isn’t the place to relentlessly promote your business. Your friends and family don’t want to see that, even if they are your biggest supporters. And clients who follow you or check out your profile may think you look like a spammer. 

Get Help With Business Social Medial Marketing

Social medial marketing might seem simple on the surface. It’s undoubtedly a powerful tool. But it must be approached correctly, or your efforts could backfire. Whether you aren’t sure about the next steps or don’t have time to give it the attention it deserves, we can help. 

VisionPATH Marketing includes social media as an essential piece of its digital marketing services. We focus on getting recognition for your brand’s unique voice from your target audience to get the results you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.