Seven year old social media company Pinterest launched its first paid Pinterest ads almost three years ago. Initially, the ads didn’t catch on, but now, Pinterest President Tim Kendall says Pinterest has “crossed into a threshold” where people see the platform as one that’s worth investing in.


New President Tim Kendall Discusses Pinterest Ads

Kendall became the president of Pinterest almost one year ago and is excited about where the company is going. In an interview with Adweek, Kendall stated that Pinterest is a mass reach company, falling only second in reach to Facebook for major decision makers. Kendall stated, “the audience that drives all the decision-making are women, 25 to 54. If you want to reach those people, we reach 80 percent of what Facebook reaches every month. And we reach more of that segment than Instagram, Snap[chat] or Twitter.” Kendall also claimed that Pinterest has a high reach to millennial and that it likely has a higher reach to female millennials than even the ever popular Snapchat.

 Due to its growing popularity and high reach, Pinterest has hopes that its Pinterest ads will grow significantly in 2017. Currently, the Pinterest ads are being used by major retailers that offer products like consumer goods and beauty products. Kendall mentioned L’Oreal and Estee Lauder as two of its biggest advertisers.


Pinterest Ads Now Capable of Video Features

 One way that Pinterest ads are improving and growing to advance in the market is by introducing video Pinterest ads. Pinterest is following in the lines of Facebook and Instagram in hopes of increasing response for businesses while staying competitive with other social media sites’ advertising programs.


Should Your Business Invest in Pinterest Ads?

 Experimenting with Pinterest ads could be beneficial for your business. Businesses most likely to benefit from Pinterest ads are those whose audience is females between ages of 25 and 54. Products that would likely do well on Pinterest are those related to the beauty, home, and clothing industries. When experimenting with a new advertising program, it is crucial that you test and measure your results in order to determine whether the advertising has been worthwhile or not. If you want help designing the ads or measuring your results, we at VisionPATH would be happy to help!


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