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Speak the Language of Search

Search engines employ the use of bots that scan the internet for information. These bots generate the information Search Engines need to know which websites to rank for which key terms. If you your site is not tagged correctly it may never show for the search terms you want. In recent years, in addition to correct tagging, effectively engaging users has become the new standard for healthy SEO. That’s why successful SEO is mostly a byproduct of a healthy overall marketing strategy.

Know · Like · Trust · Try · Buy · Repeat · Refer

Key Elements

SEO – The Byproduct of Successful Marketing

Do you get SEO Services spam emails? These companies are probably looking to charge you a monthly fee without really doing much. It’s important to understand that for SEO to work successfully it has to be implemented as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Directory Listings Management

Search engines love name, address and phone number listings. When they find the same information about your business in many places online, they gain a new confidence in the accuracy of that information. We maintain your business name, address, and phone number on more than 70 websites and suppress old or inaccurate information. This gives search engines confidence that you’re serious about your business and moves your site ranking higher.

Post and Page Editing and Tags

In addition to tagging the pages correcting for search, it’s important that your content is edited for search as well. We will do a full content review and make recommendations about content to change or add to help your site rank for your desired key terms.

Review Funnel

Having the ability to solicit reviews in a way that encourages high star reviews is a must. Our proven strategy helps you generate more positive reviews which helps move your site higher.

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