Do you need a trusted team to handle your Small Business Marketing?

Let us be your Marketing Department.

The Total Package for Total Results

Our Small Business Marketing Department includes everything in the Jumpstart and Catalyst Packages and other elements to boost your brand.. Customer relationship management, events and graphic design join together to form a powerful marketing system for your business.

Know · Like · Trust · Try · Buy · Repeat · Refer

Key Program Elements

Marketing Activated Website

Our websites are created with the latest design principles and are marketing activated. This means that every page of the website is designed to draw users in and prompt them into the sales cycle.

Total Marketing Strategy

In addition to a brand awareness and lead generation the Marketing Department also includes a total marketing strategy. Including an in-depth look at how you engage former and new customers and a plan for improving customer service and product awareness.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Our CRM and Marketing Automation will help you connect with your customer base and stay connected. Since customer relationships are vital to your business growth, our CRM becomes your communications hub.

Graphic Design and Media Creation

We coordinate with your graphic designers, photographers and videographers in order to keep your image and visual content fresh across all channels. This gives your business a powerful corporate image to position your company as an authority in your industry.

Manage Social Engagement

Social Media is becoming an important customer service tool. As your Marketing Department we monitor your social channels and respond to customer service questions and requests.

Quarterly Event

Events are a great tool to draw in potential customers and educate and inform them about products and services. It also helps to influence referral activity from related businesses. We coordinate and promote your event to gain additional exposure to new and existing clients.

Review Funnel

Our review funnel joins with all your marketing channels to ensure you’re in control of the review process. Our review generation strategy goal is to make your business the market leader in reviews.

Content Marketing

Search engines reward websites when they provide useful and engaging content. Our blog strategy focuses on key themes that we identify in order to connect to your audience. We move customers through the know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat, refer cycle.

Email Marketing

Add value for your potential customers through our monthly email updates. These updates direct users to valuable information found on your web blog. This powerful tool will increase brand awareness and drive website traffic.

Online Directory Maintenance

Since Search Engines place importance on consistent name, address and phone number listings, we correct and maintain your listings on more than 70 online directories. When search engines see you’re serious about having correct information about your business they rank you higher.

Directory Listings Scan
Search Engine Optimization

We use the very latest in SEO techniques on your website. Since Google algorithms change often, we keep your site up to date for local organic searches. Additionally, your keyword report will show you how we’re doing.

Key Metrics Dashboard

Monitoring key metrics is one of the hallmarks of our program. You will receive a monthly report that shows the level of visibility your business has and any areas that need attention.

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