Are you late to the party?

If you’re serious about marketing, get serious about Social.

Go Where The People Are

Since Social Media is now present in every US household, Social is a major marketing player. Even with these compelling statistics businesses are still overspending for print and TV marketing. To get maximum value for your dollars, you need Social Media Marketing. You won’t be disappointed.

Know · Like · Trust · Try · Buy · Repeat · Refer

Key Elements

Integrated Messaging and Social Proof

Increase engagement and web traffic with Social Media Marketing. Mentions of your products or services on social contributes to social proof. Social proof means that people are more likely to take a given action when they see others doing it.

Ideal Customer Persona

When building a social audience you need to know who you want to be listening. When we start, we create your ideal customer persona. Our social marketing plan speaks to the types of customers you want. Targeting metrics include geo-targeting, behavior, interests, age, and gender among other useful typologies.

Social Updates

We handle every aspect of your Social Media Presence. Weekly updates ensure you contribute to the conversation. Responding to questions and reviews shows you’re serious about your brand.

Social Advertising

We create and run a social advertising plan with the goal of user engagement and converted prospects. We build your audience so they hear from you more. Since social ads are very cost effective, we use your dollars to speak where people are listening.

Review Monitoring

It’s important to know when someone posts a review to a social channel. Negative reviews are inevitable. Your response shows other potential customers that you take customers seriously.

Social Media Marketing Dashboard

Our monthly emails show various social metrics so you see how we’re doing. Because we know how many times your brand was seen on social and the level of engagement that occurred, we respond to areas that need attention.

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