In a broad, ever-growing market, it can be hard to figure out how to make your business stand out among your competitors. That’s why differentiation is key to small business success. 

Differentiation is the act of setting yourself apart, and businesses can do this in a number of ways. Whether it be through their service, the products they offer, the prices they charge, or the image they present, there is no shortage of opportunities to make a name for yourself. 

Here are our top strategies for differentiating your business:

Provide exceptional service

The single best way to stand out among your competitors is through your service. From the first meeting to the final point of sale, you want to create an experience that your customers will not only remember, but tell all their friends about! 

Give your customers individual attention, take the time to check in with them and answer any questions they have, and make sure they understand that you and your products or services are the solution they’ve been searching for.   

Providing exceptional customer service in a market of big competitors who focus more on the transaction will establish a connection between you and your customer. People are often willing to pay more for unforgettable service, and this kind of relationship will keep customers returning to your business for years to come. 

Establish your voice

A distinct voice for your business helps in a number of ways: it reinforces your business’s brand, it gives your business personality, and it helps you seem more relatable to your customer base. Your voice is set often through your marketing efforts, whether that be through video, social media, or a variety of means. 

The first step to establishing your voice is making sure you have a platform to speak. Your business should be present on social media channels, because it’s where the majority of your audience lives. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are great channels to get started, many of which have features designed to help business pages succeed. These social channels will let you talk directly to your ideal clientele, and establishing a distinct voice will capture their attention and draw them to you. 

Be specific

A great way to stand out is to be specific in your messaging, your services, the clientele you’re searching for, and the way you market to them. Don’t be afraid to be quirky or bold to get attention, but make sure what you’re doing makes sense to the products and services you provide. Embracing weirdness or comedy in your social media posts especially will add to your brand and make your business personable. 

Focus on solving problems

This ties in with providing exceptional service, but it’s an important point to focus on. If you can establish yourself as a need to your clients, something they must have in order to fix their problem, then you have a customer for life. 

Create a narrative, with your business and its services as the hero of the story. Your customer is in trouble and has a problem that needs solving, and your products or services are the best tools to do so. Remember, happy customers who have gone through the unique experience of working with you will lead to reviews and referrals, generating more business and establishing your brand with minimal effort from you.

Offer something

If it fits with your business and the brand you’re trying to establish, a great tool for differentiating your business is to offer something to your customers to get them in the door. Maybe you boast lower prices for exceptional service, or maybe you offer free consultation meetings or a guarantee. These types of offers may seem counterproductive, but many times they’re the push a customer needs to get through the door. After that, you wow them with your service and you turn them into a loyal repeat customer.

Consult the experts

Differentiating your business can be a daunting task, especially when you’re focused on all the day-to-day processes that keep you up and running. If you’re looking to establish yourself among the competition, hiring a marketing firm may be the best solution. 

VisionPATH Marketing specializes in getting your small business noticed with dynamic strategies for digital marketing, defining your brand and giving you a distinct online presence. Save yourself the headache, reach out today for a free consultation.