LinkedIn is a popular social media website among business professionals wanting to connect with others in their industry. Now that the site has been going strong for 16 years, business owners and CEOs of companies are increasingly realizing its value in marketing the company to a broader range of people. It seems like the next logical step when the people they have connected with already have an interest in the industry. The first step in using LinkedIn for marketing is to ensure that those at the highest level of management have interesting profiles.

Checking Out CEO Profiles is Part of the Modern Customer’s Journey

Thanks to the abundance of resources available online, the customer’s journey with your company begins long before he or she makes the first purchase. While it typically involves checking your company website, customers are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to learn more about company management. Knowing this, it’s imperative that you make those profiles stand out. Telling a brief story in the introduction or linking to a longer video introduction are just two unique ideas.

Make Sure Your Business Page Leaves a Lasting Impression on Visitors

After reviewing a few personal profiles, your prospective customers will likely look up your company’s LinkedIn page. Eye-catching graphics, compelling text, lots of pictures, and even a few videos send a message that someone took their time with this page. Prospective customers can also take this to mean that they can expect the same attention to detail when they place an order with your company.

When putting together the company page, be sure that it gives an accurate reflection of the culture at your company. It should also generate excitement and trust in your business as an industry leader.

Share Updates and Write Posts Often

Too many businesses go to the trouble of creating a LinkedIn page, posting to it a few times, and then forgetting all about it. This isn’t the reputation of your company that you want potential customers to see. Instead, put someone in charge of posting regular updates such as staff introductions, industry news, and how-to-videos or articles that will be valuable to your customers. It won’t be long before people see your business account as the place they turn for current information. You might also consider writing longer articles yourself and commenting on what others share on a regular basis.

Join a LinkedIn Group or Start Your Own

LinkedIn has groups available for nearly every industry or interest. However, you can always start your own if you can’t find one that you love. Participating in these groups helps to establish yourself as an industry leader whose opinion people seek out and trust. Just keep in mind that you want to limit your interactions in these groups to discussion and not promotion.

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