See your results

Key Metrics

Success is not REPEATABLE unless it is MEASUREABLE. The key metrics dashboard shows you how we’re doing, what content is working well, and how new prospects are coming into the sales cycle. 

Dashboard Components

The Dashboard lets you get a clear view of your online visibility and influence.  You have more important things to do than dig through piles of data so we only include those things that really matter.

Website Metrics

Understanding what happens when prospects visit your website helps us know what messages and information users fund important. Our site analytics allow you to see your brand visibility over time.

Reputation Management

Right in the dashboard you can see how you’re doing from a review standpoint across all review sites. As the review funnel generates new reviews you’ll see your aggregate score improve.

Social Media

Social media analytics are equally important as website analytics. How and where prospects are engaging with you on social tells us much about the effectiveness of our strategy.

Google My Business

Google My Business analytics will show you where you are found on search, how many phone calls you get and other essential metrics on your listing. The GMB listings is your storefront on Google, that means it’s very important to track all aspects of the listing.

Search Engine Rankings

SERP reports show you where you rank for important key terms relevant to your business. As you move forward, site traffic, data organization and a comprehensive SEO strategy will move you higher.

Phone Calls

Call tracking helps us understand what is making the phone ring. A telephone call is the best form of lead acquisition, with click to call tracking we know exactly what activity generated the call.

Why we are different

At VisionPATH, we want to be held accountable to ensuring your business VISIBLE so you GET FOUND online. Our key metrics dashboard will show you just that, where you are being seen and how prospects are interreacting with your online presence.