Digital Rainmaking


Gone are the days of relying solely on organic to drive results. Any serious marketing strategy must include advertising to ensure business growth.

Get Out The Message

Every major online space now has some sort of advertising option. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to understand where is the best place to spend your dollars. That is our job. Since we do this everyday we know which channels will get you the most bang for your buck when accomplishing your business goals.


Facebook filters show only a small fraction of a page’s followers the organic content. Google has now more than 8 paid spots on page one for frequent searches. To be visible to your prospects advertising is key.


In order to get the most our of your ad dollars you need a comprehensive targeting plan. Your ideal prospect fits a unique set of criteria. Targeting enables us to spend dollars only on those who mean the most to your business.


Every industry has a unique competition profile. In order to get found, some businesses will require a larger investment. Developing a healthy budget on the front end will prevent surprises at implementation.


Tracking costs and cost-per-click is essential to an effective ad campaign. You need someone who can monitor exactly where those ad dollars are going and ensure you get the maximum results for your money. 


When someone clicks an ad, what happens next? That’s where tracking comes in. To understand results you must track the user from first click to conversion. This information becomes powerful when looking to implement changes and tweaks.

Performance Metrics

Metrics are crucial to effective online advertising. What is your cost-per-click? How many phone calls and form submissions did you get? With our comprehensive marketing dashboard you see what happened with your ad dollars in real time.

Why we are different

Since we implement ad dollars to market for ourselves we know it’s important to maximize results. With our marketing packages, the ad dollars are included so you don’t get any surprise invoices. For your fixed monthly cost we show you exactly what happened and what’s working.