In our last post, we recommended that you make this year’s resolution be setting up a small business blog. If you’re ready to follow through, we have three steps we recommend you take to ensure that your small business blog starts out as a success.


  1. Your small business blog url should contain your company name as closely as possible.

One of the most important aspects of your blog is its title. And being able to have your name in the title, especially without an added component such as “wordpress” or “blogspot” etc., helps in multiple ways. One, it shows that you value this site since you are paying to have it fully in your name. That adds a level of credibility. Second, there are significant search engine optimization benefits that come along with removing these words from your blog address.

Most importantly, this prevents you from losing the name of your blog. If the company with whom you are hosting your blog goes out of business or you become displeased with it and you have them as part of your web address, then you will have to change the url. This is a hassle that is best left alone.


  1. Your blog should contain all important details related to your company and products/services.

Your blog should act as your home base for important information about your company and its products and services. You don’t have to include every detail but you do need to include things like the full name of your company, some personnel, your mission statement, and what you have to offer. Also be sure to include key contact information such as your business address / locations, phone number, and email address. One of the best things to include on your blog is a FAQs (frequently asked questions) page where you can list the questions and answers to things customers/clients often ask when they call you on the phone or email you.

  1. Your blog should be connected to your social networks.

You want your blog to be home base, but you also want to show people where they can find more information about you, particularly information that may fluctuate like specials and day to day details. Your blog will have a good deal of static information, which is a necessary part of any internet marketing strategy. But to complete your full network of your strategy plan, you need to include your social media networks on your blog. The best way to do this is by including social buttons that link directly to your sites. Also be sure that you give your viewers ways to share your content quickly and easily on their social networks by including social sharing buttons on each post.

Setting up your small business blog is one of the best things you can do for your company. If you’re ready to get started but want more individualized assistance, contact one of our experts at VisionPATH. We are happy to help!


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