Whether you are just getting started with your business or you’re looking to grow the one you have, Facebook is one of the best tools to use to attract more clients. One reason is that it is the most widely used social network in the world. Another is that Facebook has set itself up to be of great help to businesses who want to use it for marketing purposes.


One of Facebook’s most helpful features is their core targeting feature, which allows you to advertise your Facebook page, website, or a specific ad promoting a product or service to an audience that you choose.


In its basic form, Facebook’s core targeting feature allows you to quickly pinpoint the location, gender, age, language, and basic interests of the people you would like to target. Almost anyone who uses Facebook advertising is already using these targeting tricks and likely sees a fairly good return on the advertisement and is likely to attract new clients.


To get a step ahead of the competition, though, and to attract new clients on a greater level, it is important to go beyond core targeting and begin creating custom audiences and lookalike audiences.


One of the best places to start when it comes to delving deeper into Facebook’s ad targeting is by searching Facebook to find a list of companies that seem similar to yours in order to begin to create a custom, lookalike audience. For example, if you are a law firm, you want to make a list of other law firms that are similar to yours and who are also on Facebook (preferably those that service similar clientele).


After you have your list, you can add it to a list of “similar pages” and interests under the audience insights section of Facebook’s ad manager. In doing so, you will be able to build an audience similar to that of your competition. Now, people who are interested in these pages or those similar to them will also see your ad. This allows you to insert your company’s advertisement directly into your competition’s Facebook feed.


In addition, you can further customize your target audience beyond that of your competition. You can actually add people interested in multiple pages similar to yours and can include additional demographic guidelines (like location, age, gender, and language) in one ad set. You can then customize your ad sets to look slightly different depending upon which of your products or services you are currently promoting.


To ensure that you are continuing to stay a step ahead and to continually attract new clients, it is important to keep your audience preferences updated and to tweak them based on the results you are seeing in the insights section of Facebook’s Ad Campaign. Tracking and analyzing the ad data is often just as important as creating it in the first place.


If you want to take your Facebook ad campaigns to the next level, and to use it to attract more clients than ever before, contact the experts at VisionPATH Marketing. We would love to help you customize your target audience and analyze your ad data to create the perfect marketing campaigns for you. We offer set up services as well as monthly maintenance to ensure that your ads are continuing to attract more clients throughout the year. And, as always, consultations are free.