New social media networks seem to be popping up all the time. Even with these new networks, however, Facebook is still king of social media, especially when it comes to paid advertisements.

Hopefully your business has already begun to use Facebook’s paid advertisements to increase your company’s visibility and revenue. If not, it’s high time you do!

One of the best reasons to use Facebook’s paid advertisements is that you not only get to advertise a specific product, event, service, etc., but you also get to increase your overall page likes.


Why are page likes still important if I can just use Facebook’s paid advertisements?


Page likes are one of the most important things to focus on for any business who wishes to advertise, whether in free or paid form, on Facebook.

One of the reasons page likes are important is because they act as a measure for new potential “likers” to see whether the masses find your business / services worthy of a “like.” This is due in part to the bandwagon principle: the more likes you have, the more likes you will get. Social media is, after all, subject to the popularity game.

Another reason page likes are important is because the people who like your page are the ones most likely to see your posts that you don’t spend ad dollars on. This means free advertising. The more people you can advertise to for free, the better; this enables you to spend your money on targeting advertising to increase your audience base.


How can I use Facebook’s paid advertisements to increase my page likes?


First of all, just by using Facebook’s paid advertising feature, you are likely going to increase your page likes. How, you ask? By simply advertising on Facebook to anyone outside of people who currently like your page, you are increasing the likelihood that people will click “like” on your page because of the increased visibility.

However, if you really want to watch your Facebook likes increase, we recommend doing a bit of “manual” labor. As you begin to monitor your Facebook advertisement, you will be notified about the people liking the post itself. As you notice this, click on the people who have liked the post (while logged in as your business / admin of the business). In doing so, you will have the option to click “invite” next to each person’s name. That means that you now have the opportunity to personally invite each individual who has liked your post to like the page as well.

Yes, this means that you need to spend some time manually clicking “invite” on the people who like the post, but this also means that you easily get to invite people who are interested in your product, service, or event. You have easy access to people who are already — at least mildly — interested in your business!

So what do you think? Are you ready to start increasing your page likes? If you like this simple tip and want to know even more ways to increase your company’s visibility and even revenue due to utilizing social media marketing, contact the experts at VisionPath Marketing today! We offer free consultations and are happy to help you evaluate your business and social media strategy in order to help you get the most out of your online marketing.