As we’ve told you in previous posts, a LinkedIn company page is one of the best social media marketing tools when it comes to business-to-business social networking.


Incorporating LinkedIn in Your Marketing Strategy  

The first step to truly making the most of LinkedIn as a social media marketing tool is fully filling out your personal profile. Having a profile that is 100% complete significantly increases your prominence in search results. LinkedIn uses an algorithm to rank profiles in their search results, and a complete profile is a key consideration in the ranking system.

While making sure that key personal profiles are created and fully filled out is important, creating and filling out a company page is equally if not more important. To help users maximize their company’s marketing strategy, LinkedIn offers a Small Business Marketing Playbook with step by step advice. We will highlight several key ideas here, but we also recommend that you fully read the guide as well.


Setting Up Your LinkedIn Company Page

To setup a LinkedIn company page, you must first have a personal page. While logged into that page, move your cursor over the “Interests” section and click “companies.” Then, click “create” in the “create a company page” box. Type in your company’s official name and work address and enter in the important details related to your company. LinkedIn will send you a confirmation and further steps via email that will help to complete the setup of the LinkedIn company page. Once your page is created, you can fill out the page by adding your logo, banner image, and description.

Once your LinkedIn company page is initially setup, it is important to include links to your website, a list of your specialties, and important SEO terms so that people can find your LinkedIn company page more easily. Be sure to also “highlight your business offerings in the description section of your Company Page, and give LinkedIn members a compelling reason to follow you.” A complete and detailed Linkedin company page is key to maximizing your company’s marketing strategy.

Your company page is also a great place to market your other social media networking sites and your website as well. Be sure to place links to all of these sites at the top of your LinkedIn company page.

Once your profile and LinkedIn company page are both set up, you’re ready to start posting and interacting with others. If you’re unsure of next steps or need help coming up with a strategic marketing plan that incorporates LinkedIn, feel free to contact us at VisionPATH Business Solutions.

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