Once you have established your Facebook page and are ready to grow your audience and engagement, you may want to consider using Facebook’s paid advertising feature. Here are a few reason Facebook’s paid advertising may be for you.


  1. Your target audience is already on Facebook.

You already know that Facebook is an excellent place to showcase your products and services to the world due to the fact that almost everyone is on Facebook at some point during their day and that many people are on Facebook multiple times each day. Since you know that your target audience is clearly somewhere on Facebook, it is wise to increase your visibility to more of this audience. Facebook’s paid advertising is just the way to do that because it allows you to choose which types of accounts/users will see your posts.


  1. Facebook’s paid advertising feature allows you to choose who to advertise to.

You may be looking to advertise to your current following, or you may be wanting to increase your target audience. Either way, Facebook has the option for you to advertise to the people whom you want to see your post. You can be as general as to advertise to anyone who likes your page. Or you can specifically advertise to people who like your page and who are females between 18 and 24. In the same way, you could choose to target people who are traveling to a certain destination using their zip codes and location services.


  1. Facebook’s paid advertising gives you bang for your buck!

You can advertise effectively on Facebook for as little as $1 per day. And compared to what you pay for print, TV, or radio advertising, Facebook ads are a steal! Facebook actually offers the lowest ad prices when compared to other social sites such as Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Brian Carter, a writer for Moz, calls Facebook advertisements the “biggest marketing opportunity ever.” Carter urges businesses to get involved with Facebook’s paid advertising feature by saying, “If you just spend $1 per day on Facebook ads, you will get in front of 4,000 people that wouldn’t have seen you otherwise. If you are doing that and your competitors aren’t, you win the awareness game in your niche.” If this isn’t enough reason to get involved with Facebook ads, I don’t know what is.


Using Facebook advertising is a great way to increase visibility and engagement. It also helps to increase followers and boost excitement about your brand.  If you are interested in incorporating Facebook’s paid advertising feature but need more direction or have additional questions, email us at info@visionpath.com to schedule a consultation today.

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